The Vikings in the Streets Festival is fortunate to have formed such a strong friendship with the Odin's Ravens. Each June they return and embrace the heritage of our community and make us all want to live like Vikings again!

Thank you to the group, we welcome you back to the 2018 Festival for the 8th year. We hope to have you back for many more.


Vikings in the Streets Festival Committee Members

Odin's Ravens are a viking age historical reenactment group based in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a member group in The Vikings - Vinland based across the continent and part of The Vikings U.K.

Odin's Ravens focuses on the period from 793 to 1066, or what is known as the Viking age. We attempt to recreate life in that period with a high level of authenticity and realism, from daily life, crafts and combat aspects. We educate and entertain at the same time with events such as school visits, corporate functions, indoor or outdoor.

We are a family oriented organization and members range in age from the very young to the very young at heart. We meet and train regularly for both combat and archery in Edmonton as well as the arts and crafts from the Viking age. Throughout the year we participate in several events both private and public demonstrations where we attend both on our own or with our sister groups across Canada, the USA and the UK.

For more information please visit or find us on Facebook under Odin's Ravens or email the Jarl at

For information on how to join email

Battle Demonstration Times:

Saturday, June 16

Battle re-enactment:

12:30 - 1 p.m 

Kids vs. Vikings:

2:45- 3:15pm

Odin's Ravens

June 14 & 15, 2019